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 What attracts you to fine art jewelry?  Are you looking to elevate your style with  something unique, an artistic statement, a one-of-a-kind piece that connects with you, or perhaps a memorable gift to give someone special in your life?  

The EG Speiser jewelry collection is thoughtfully designed to be touched and worn as an expression or statement evoking interest, curiosity and originality.  


With a deep interest in art and inspired by a love of nature, I continue to explore translating organic forms and textures into wearable art that is both visual and tactile.  Much of my inspiration is influenced by my travel explorations in nature with each trip bringing new ideas of texture and form.

Every piece of EG Speiser jewelry has its own unique quality, handcrafted using classic, time-honored techniques.   Primarily a self-taught artist, I take great pride in carrying on the art of metalsmithing.  My pieces are delicately textured using fabric and textures from nature.  I enjoy creating organic forms and combining precious metals designing signature pieces that one can wear easily.

Holding the Earth's environment close to heart, I use recycled precious metals of sterling silver and 22K gold and responsibly sourced natural gemstones and pearls.

In our world of mass production and disposable fashion, my mission is to create fine art jewelry that is timeless and treasured allowing the wearer a distinctive expression of individual style.

I hope you'll follow me as I continue to explore my passion for designing jewelry with natural beauty and timeless elegance, keeping you original.




American Craft Council




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