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Thank you for selecting EG Speiser Jewelry.  It is my hope your new piece of jewelry will bring you as much joy as I experienced handcrafting it.  Now that it has found a forever home, here is how to care for your new treasure.

Sterling Silver

Store in an airtight plastic bag away from the sunlight.

Using a liquid cleaning solution made for sterling silver such as Goddard's Silver Dip, dip your piece of jewelry in the solution for several seconds and rinse well with cool soapy water.  Dry. 

Oxidized Sterling Silver

Your piece has been treated with a liver of sulfur patina to give it a darker color.  It is best to let your oxidized piece age naturally.  Do not use any jewelry cleaners or polishing cloths, It will remove the patina.  


Use care with your Pearls as they do not like the silver cleaning solution or warm water.  You can use a cotton swab dipped in the solution and gently wipe away tarnish avoiding contact with the Pearl.  Rinse with cool soapy water. Dry.

Gold bimetal

Body oils and make-up can dull the look of your gold bimetal.  Should your gold  bimetal look less than brilliant, wash with a degreasing liquid soap, such as Dawn, and rinse in cool water.  Dry.


I stand by each piece of my EG Speiser Jewelry.  Please remember your jewelry is handcrafted and needs to be treated with the utmost care.  If for some reason your jewelry breaks due to a structural issue on my part, I am happy to repair it within one year of purchase. Please contact me. 

Enjoy your new piece of jewelry and remember, wear it well!

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